Whatever you do in your Sicilian nights, you'll have a great time!

Having a superb dinner in a traditional Sicilian restaurant, partying in clubs, chilling under lemon trees or dancing in traditional fun fairs and kermises are just some of the experiences you'll have in your Sicilian time.


Michelin-star chef Ciccio Sultano is behind this contemporary, smart-casual eatery, which includes a dedicated bakery, specialist deli counter and the freedom to choose anything from caffè and just-baked pastries, to made-on-site gourmet panini, lazy wine-and-cheese sessions or more elaborate, creative dishes that put twists on Sicilian traditions (think ravioli with the pork ragù on the inside and ricotta on the outside).


Dating from 1892 and especially renowned for its granite, this beloved place vies with its next-door neighbour, Dolceria Corrado Costanzo, for the honours of Noto's best dessert shop. Frozen desserts are made with the freshest seasonal ingredients (wild strawberries in springtime, for example), while the delicious torrone (nougat) bursts with the flavours of local honey and almonds.


"Orti di Villadorata", appealing for its ability to create a mundane atmosphere with its rare position, offers its guests simple traditional dishes that the Sicilian exceptional climate together with the unrivalled virtues of the land praise to a greater extent than elsewhere. Indeed, (the excellence) superiority of its cuisine is not only merit to the chef’s talent but also to nature’s great generosity. 
The menu was created with the sole purpose of proposing dishes anchored in the solid tradition of Sicilian territory in a contemporary, rigorous and personal interpretation. Orti Villadorata wants to be tied to a more immediate food dimension based on ancestral knowhow, seasons and care for raw materials. Halfway between producer and consumer, it decided to remain truthful to the values of who farms and fishes to earn a living.


The Sicilian spirit of good food is shared by the Restaurant "Manna": Mediterranean flavours and fragrances able to seduce the most demanding palates, a cuisine that is mainly based on seasonal products, the freshest ingredients that the chef takes care of offering dishes that combine quality research and local traditions. Cooking means nothing to invent, but one can be revolutionary by using raw materials out of the ordinary.


Good cooking is not an absolute value. The cleanliness of flavours, yes. The Crocifisso restaurant believes in their authenticity, their exploration in order to preserve the characteristics, help them express themselves better on the palate, smell and sight. The raw material is at the center of every food and wine project: in Sicily you just need to stretch your arm out of the window and find what you need. Research is never an artificial invention, but the ability to tame tradition through rigorous experimentation.


Monzù reworks and refines the magnificent dishes of the old time and marks the souther Italian culinary tradition with aristocratic traits, where the delight of the palate and sight is combined together. This tradition has never ceased to live, and today it is told through the symbols, images and flavours of those noble palaces, stages of sumptuous lunches and dances that marked an era of luxury and elegance.